Isle of Iona

Argyll Hotel Ethos

By investing in the 'Green Tourism Business Scheme' we continue the proud tradition of an ethically run business started by the previous owners in 1998, supported by Triodos ethical banking. We strive to limit our impact on the beautiful Island of Iona, guarding the pristine waters, stunning beaches, birds & wildlife for future generations of residents and visitors. More information can be seen in our Environmental & Social Policy.


We are a ‘Gold’ rated Green Tourism Business! These are some of our targets...


● Conserving water and power – Continually aiming to reduce our energy and water consumption by using flow monitors, upgrading insulation, a new roof, A++ rated machines & constant monitoring of our energy usage.


● Raising visitor awareness – Our Responsible Visitors Charter aims to show how we can work together to reduce our impact on the Island ecology & encouraging travelling to Iona by public transport (see Getting Here).  We also have information about walking routes and biking (see Things To Do).


● Reducing chemical pollution – All laundry is done in house using biodegradable, Delphis Eco & Ecover products. All machines are A++ rated and we dry as much outside as possible when we can.


● Promoting Nature and wildlife – Encouraging awareness of how to respect the local crofting community using the Scottish countryside code ( The sunlounge has spotters guides,  binoculars & a nature sightings book for guests. Bird feeders in our organic garden encourage an amazing variety of small birds. For more information of how we help local bees, frogs, toads and wildlife (see Hotel Garden).


● Reducing food miles – Our fresh seasonal meals are all handcrafted from scratch by Head Chef Richard and his team, using the finest locally produced fish, meat & shellfish. (see Producers). Our own organic garden focuses on producing the freshest salads, flowers, herbs and highly perishable fruit and vegetables. Whilst all bread, pastries & cakes are handmade on site using organic produce.